Catalyzing Science

Science has the power to improve the human condition. Employed in the right ways, it can help cure diseases, feed populations, and create a path to a more sustainable future. In an increasingly complicated and evolving world, IAFNS recognizes the vital role science and research play in understanding and managing today’s challenges while catalyzing meaningful change across the entire food and beverage ecosystem.

However, for research to reach its full potential, it must be shared. Science requires collaboration, communication, and distribution among all stakeholders from scientists and policymakers to members of the public at large. And that is core to what we do at IAFNS.

We are grounded in four core values: scientific integrity, transparency, collaboration, and public benefit. And we are positioned for impact due to our collaborative and inclusive tripartite structure that empowers members to bring forward the diverse perspectives of the entire food and beverage ecosystem including industry, government and academia.

On top of our multilateral operations, IAFNS approaches research differently. We research not just for the here and now, but for tomorrow, placing equal importance on today’s priorities and on emerging areas that stand to have the most impact on the food and beverage ecosystem. In fact, we supported 23 peer reviewed publications last year.

But our research does not exist in a silo. The impact of our work extends far and wide. It informs industry to make decisions that benefit their business and improve public health. It supports government leaders in making informed, evidence-based policy decisions. And it serves as a starting point for new lines of inquiry with university researchers. All of these applications play a role in improving food safety and nutritional sciences and therefore have real-world impact. They address some of the greatest challenges facing our world today.

At the end of every day, we are driven by the fact that scientific research is critical to all as science is the path towards solutions. Science fostered in a collaborative cross-sector environment is more likely to be applied to solve today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunity.

Join us as we catalyze science that matters!