The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS) launched in February 2021 and saw productivity of scientific papers and educational webinars reach new heights. IAFNS supported 25 peer-reviewed papers and hosted 31 webinars reaching thousands of nutritionists and food safety professionals – in government, industry and academia.

The launch of IAFNS as an independent organization was the next natural step in its evolution. In recent years, key steps were completed to bring IAFNS to this point. These changes included elevating scientific integrity to a core value and re-defining membership to include scientists from government, industry and academia.

With the transformation to IAFNS in 2021, the organization changed its by-laws to enhance public sector oversight of science programming, embraced the next generation of scientists with Summer Research Opportunity Fellowships, and invested its reserves in Socially Responsible funds. Additionally, IAFNS science was referenced by researchers around the world and shared with the broader community with earned media coverage.

The inaugural year, 2021, saw the launch of an open, collaborative Idea Portal where everyone, regardless of current or past affiliation with IAFNS, is welcome to submit project ideas to advance science. IAFNS also established a new platform to explore future opportunities by hosting a Science Innovation Showcase that featured new products, methods and presentations from start-up CEOs to graduate students. It also included dialogue sessions with the investor community and patient and NGO stakeholder groups.

IAFNS leaders doubled down on their core values of scientific integrity centered on transparency, collaboration and public benefit. The organization’s leadership in these areas has been recognized by earning a Platinum Seal for Transparency from Candid. IAFNS has also updated its implementation of the Center for Open Science's TOP Guidelines -- demonstrating the organization's active commitment to core values.

According to IAFNS Executive Director Dr. Wendelyn Jones, “This has been a banner year for IAFNS-supported science that advances public health as evidenced by our output and recognition by external stakeholders. We launched IAFNS with over 94% membership retention. We’re also pleased to report that 2022 has already brought five new supporting organization members to IAFNS as we continue to build our science-driven programs to support evidence-based decision-making by all sectors.”

The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS) is committed to leading positive change across the food and beverage ecosystem. IAFNS is a 501(c)(3) science-focused nonprofit uniquely positioned to mobilize government, industry and academia to drive, fund and lead actionable research. 

Catalyzing Science that Matters

As science organization, our research is published in peer-reviewed publications.

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Mobilizing Knowledge

To support evidence-based decision making, we offer webinars and events to showcase food safety and nutritional sciences.

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Platinum Seal of Transparency

IAFNS core values include scientific integrity, collaboration, transparency, and public benefit. View our 2022 Platinum Seal of Transparency here. 

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IAFNS is a non-profit organization that pools funding from industry and advances science through the in-kind and financial contributions from public sector and private sector members.