• In October 2021, USDA announced it was a top priority for FSIS to reevaluate its approach to controlling Salmonella in poultry to improve the prevention of foodborne disease illness and achieve national food safety targets.
  • FSIS established a cooperative agreement with the UMD/JIFSAN in July 2022 to serve as a neutral party and convenor that could help facilitate the sharing by industry of available data on Salmonella in poultry (chicken and turkey) for the purposes of conducting a science-based risk assessment.

Poultry stakeholders are encouraged to upload data below.  Please note the only files that are allowed to be uploaded are .xlsx, .xls, and .csv format.

If you have questions, please contact us at science@iafns.org.

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Submission of data is voluntary.  Data submitted will be transferred to FSIS and can be blinded upon request. No guarantee is offered that the data and information submitted is protected from disclosure.