Development of a Research Framework for Evidence-Based Assessment of Potential Carcinogens in Human Diets

Risk assessment of chemicals that are potentially carcinogenic in humans often relies on extrapolation from carcinogenicity bioassays. There is a growing belief in the scientific community that evidence-based risk assessment can replace historical, over-protective guidance-based approaches. However, there is no consensus within the scientific community on an approach or framework for the application of an evidence-based risk assessment. This project will develop such an approach by, first, categorizing potential exposure and mode of action scenarios leading to a carcinogenic response, followed by development of a framework based on sectoral examples such as hepatically activated electrophiles that are potential genotoxic carcinogens.

Institution: Cardno ChemRisk
Principal Investigator: Andrew Maier, PhD, DABT
Year Awarded: 2020

This project is supported by the IAFNS Food and Chemical Safety Committee.