Evaluation of the Dose-Response for Peanut Allergen

Due to the potentially severe nature of the response and absence of approved treatments, allergic individuals have been advised to avoid the food of concern, and food allergens must be included in the ingredients lists of packaged food. However, with statements such as "may contain allergen X" or "also packaged in a facility that contains allergen Y," it is difficult for consumers, food manufacturers and public health authorities to understand and manage the potential risk of exposures in the food supply. The 2016 National Academy of Sciences Report on Food Allergies provided a series of recommendations, including that regulatory agencies adopt a risk-based approach to identify threshold-based RfDs (Reference Doses) for food allergens. The aim of this project is to to use available data from controlled clinical trials of peanut allergen to conduct a risk-based dose-response analysis to enable establishment of RfDs for peanut allergen.

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Principal Investigator: Lynne Haber, PhD
Total Project Cost: $200,000
Year Awarded: 2017

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