2018 IAFNS Mid-Year Science Program
Arlington, VA, USA
June 26, 2018

The IAFNS Mid-Year Meeting combines presentations on topics of current interest with reports on progress within the organization’s new and on-going programs.

The one-day program features top speakers on current hot topics in nutrition and food safety, including:

  • State of Technology and Innovation Related to Physical Activity and Healthful Eating  
  • Rigor and Reproducibility in Obesity Research
  • Synergy of Private-Public Partnerships – Advancing Science for Improving Food Safety, Quality, and Nutrition 
  • New National Toxicology Program (NTP) Report on the Safety of BPA
  • New DRIs and UL Challenges: Intersecting Food Safety and Nutrition
  • Plant-Based Proteins and Health
  • Hormonal Regulation of Taste and Smell

Watch videos of the scientific sessions.