Experimental Biology 2015
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
March 28, 2015


The program is available here.


Introduction  | Video
Dr. Johanna Dwyer

Conducting Research to Inform Future Evidence-based Dietary Guidance | Video
Dr Tricia Psota

How Surrogate Markers can Help Lead to Scientific Agreement for Lipids and Health | Video
Dr. Kevin Fritsche

Understanding How Limitations in the Literature on PHOs and LDL-C Make the Application of Nutrition Research Tricky for Dietary Guidance | Video
Dr. DeAnn Liska

Research Informing Dietary Guidance on Omega-3 Fatty Acids | Video
Dr. William Harris

Evidence Approach to Nutrition Guidance in the U.S. Military: Using Omega-3 as a Case Study | Video
Dr. Scott Montain

Panel Discussion: Recommendations for Lipid Nutrition Research for Improving Use in Evidence-Based Reviews and Decision-making Guidance | Video

This session was supported by the IAFNS Committee on Dietary Lipids.