Sodium Reduction in Food: Where Are We Now?
Virtual, Event
July 18, 2021 – July 21, 2021

Extensive debate continues around the best approach for lowering population sodium intake, particularly given that public health campaigns related to labeling and education have had minimal impact. As a result, experts have more recently suggested that sodium reduction in the food supply is the only recourse. To that end, sodium reduction technologies have proliferated, and progress has been made, despite the complex role of sodium in food safety, technical function and taste. In this session, an overview of this progress, available tools, and the potential for commonly used tools to impact intake of sodium and other nutrients was presented. Speakers explored the continuing gaps, whether additional reductions can be made, and how to make further progress.

Topics and Speakers:

Sodium Reduction in the Food Supply: State of the Science

Janice Johnson, PhD, Cargill

Guiding Principles for Sodium Reduction in Foods: Where We Are Today

Soo-Yeun Lee, PhD, University of Illinois

Effect of the Use of Potassium-based Sodium Replacers on Sodium and Potassium Intakes in the US Population (15 min)

Mary Murphy, MS, RD, Exponent


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