Washington, DC, USA
June 30, 2015

The IAFNS Food, Nutrition and Safety Program (FNSP) mid-year meeting combines presentations on topics of current interest with reports on progress within the organization’s new and on-going programs.

Featured Speaker Presentations

Research Priorities at CFSAN
Susan Mayne, PhD, CFSAN

Nutritional Genomics: Our Future Can Change Our Past | Video
José M. Ordovás, PhD, Tufts University

Whole Genome Sequencing: Application to Food Safety | Video
Eric Brown, PhD, FDA 

Additional Presentations

Food Contaminants Around the World: The Impact of Food Safety Regulations on Global Food Trade | Video
Felicia Wu, PhD, Michigan State

Big Data: Deriving Insights From Global Data to Identify and Warn of Food System Disruption 
Amy Kircher, PhD, University of Minnesota

Promoting Nutrition Research in the Office of Dietary Supplements | Video
Cindy Davis, PhD, NIH

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