IAFNS Presents at IFT Supplier Symposium
Edison NJ, USA
April 4, 2023
9:30 am – 2:30 pm
NJ Expo Center

With an active food, nutrition, and health landscape it is important to understand nutrition opportunities, science and regulatory trends, and this underscores the importance for innovators, researchers, scientists, and regulatory professionals to work closely in partnership. The need to know goes beyond your company’s regulatory affairs department. Product developers, food marketers, and food safety specialists can leverage their regulatory knowledge for successful food product innovation, formulation and market entry.  The Institute for Food Technologists Educational Symposium (supported by the New York IFT section) will provide an update on 2023 food trends, nutrition and regulatory activities within the FDA along with a focus on topics that can promote innovation.

11:15 am

The New “Healthy” and Health-Related Claims – Trish Zecca, MS – IAFNS

Learn more about the NY Section IFT Event here.