Flavan-3-ols and Cardiovascular Disease Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Dietary flavonoids integrate a diverse range of polyphenolic compounds that occur naturally in plant foods. To date, the sub-class flavan-3-ols has received the most research attention, with the majority of nutrition studies focused on two dietary sources: tea and chocolate. It is not clear if the metabolic and cardiovascular health benefits may be attributed flavan-3-ols or to other bioactive constituents in these foods. The aim of this project is to quantify the level of flavan-3-ols associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease outcomes grade the strength of evidence.

This project will be conducted in two phases: In Phase 1, an evidence map of flavan-3-ol intakes from all food sources as they relate to cardiovascular outcomes will be developed to determine whether or not evidence is sufficient to complete a quality systematic evidence review. Pending sufficient evidence, in Phase 2 a systematic evidence review of flavan-3-ols and cardiovascular health outcomes will be conducted and a quantified level of bioactive assessed.

Institution: Tufts Medical Center and University of East Anglia
Principal Investigator: Gowri Raman, MBBS, MS; Aedin Cassidy, PhD
Year Awarded: 2016

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