Getting Food Decisions Right

How can we make smarter decisions and support positive change? Let's develop a framework for Getting Food Decisions Right by considering nutrition and health consequences — both intentional and unintended — to better inform dietary guidance, agricultural/raw ingredient selection, and food formulation.

This project will feature illustrative examples including:

  • Substituting plant and alternative protein for animal protein sources among consumers who are not actively informed vegans
  • High oleic soybean oil food supply and formulation change.

Using these as topics as case studies, the project will highlight what is known, prioritize needs to be addressed, and propose specific approaches to answer questions essential to getting food decisions right. This may include consumer research to understand behaviors as well as nutrition research and modeling assessments to evaluate nutrition impact on health outcomes. To learn more about joining us in building a more comprehensive framework, contact us at

This is a joint initiative of the IAFNS Protein Committee and the IAFNS Dietary Lipids Committee.