The Canadian Leadership Team aims to enhance communication and collaboration between the Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences and science programs and experts in Canada.

Why This Mattters?

Collaboration between Canadian and American experts is needed to successfully address food safety and nutritional science issues facing North Americans. The Canadian Leadership Team leverages technical expertise and resources across borders to catalyze timely, high-quality science.

Canadian Focus

The Canadian Leadership Team’s work areas include:

Identifying opportunities for public/private research partnerships within North America.

  • Facilitating outreach and communication opportunities within Canadian scientific forums for research results from both IAFNS and partnership programs
  • Including the Food for Health workshop jointly supported with the Canadian Nutrition Society.

Enabling networking opportunities between government, industry and academic scientists on current food safety and nutritional sciences issues within Canada and across North America.

Ensuring a Canadian perspective is considered in the development of new project initiatives and/or project designs within IAFNS committees.

Identifying Canadian scientific expertise for research projects, workshops, professional meeting sessions, advisory groups, etc.

Operationally, the Canadian Leadership Team (CLT) is part of the Scientific Leadership Council.