IAFNS PPP Food Safety Capacity Building

UMD-JIFSAN, Structured Partnerships, and IAFNS are collaborating to establish a new Public-Private Partnership focused on Data Sharing to Improve Food Safety Capacity Building.

The initial public investment in this initiative is coming from USDA FSIS.  FSIS announced in October 2021 interest in developing a stronger and more comprehensive food safety framework for the control of Salmonella in poultry. In July 2022, FSIS has signed a cooperative agreement with UMD-JIFSAN, in partnership with EpiX Analytics, to develop two quantitative risk assessments — one for Salmonella in chicken and one for Salmonella in turkey. These risk assessments will provide FSIS with support for the new framework for reducing Salmonella illnesses attributed to poultry consumed in the U.S.

Food safety is a global public good. Food safety capacity building improves societal welfare. As the global food supply network evolves and connections are made domestically and globally, it is important that food safety be recognized as fundamental for all societies. Foodborne diseases (FBDs), caused by ingesting food contaminated with hazards is a significant source of morbidity and mortality around the world.

Out of shared interest, representatives from the public and private sector have aligned on the value of building a platform to share existing data via a Public-Private Partnership.  This Public-Private Partnership, focused on enhancing global health by reducing the risk of FBDs through improved implementation of food safety capacity building measures along entire food production and distribution chains via the development of an international data sharing platform – would bring together and benefit government, industry, the scientific community, and the general public.


Would you like to join and contribute this this new effort?