Principles for Public-Private Research Partnerships

The Assembly on Scientific Integrity deemed it critically important to pursue a public private partnership initiative that establishes a set of harmonized principles for public private partnerships in scientific research to ensure a strong ethical foundation to avoid potential and perceived conflicts of interest. Such partnerships are imperative in leveraging diverse expertise to solve our complex problems in public health and questions concerned with nutrition, health, and food safety. IAFNS published this set of 12 principles for successful research public-private partnerships in October 2013 in Nutrition Reviews. These principles were then used as the base for a set of principles for research public-private partnerships that were agreed upon and endorsed by 4 federal agencies and 5 nutrition, food science, and food safety professional societies. This new set of principles was publicly unveiled at the National Academy of Sciences in June 2015 and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in June 2015. Excerpts of the publication also appeared in:

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