The 2015 Science Trend Report: Insights & Implications for the Future takes a different approach from its predecessor. When Trend 2013 debuted, its primary goal was to provide a data-driven report focused on federal agency research funding and priorities as well as publication growth in select topics in nutrition and food safety. We relied on readers to draw their own assessment from these data. Feedback from our readers helped us to take a different approach in 2014, building on what we started in 2013. In preparation for this report, we solicited feedback from an expert panel as well as subject matter experts and IAFNS staff in January 2014. The 2015 Science Trend Report also takes a longer and wider lens and includes immediate issues. This report captures mega-trends related to select scientific areas compiled from multiple available public sources. It also includes commentary and implications that may be relevant to IAFNS scientists and committee programs.

Download the 2015 IAFNS Trend Report.