IAFNS organized a two-session symposium titled Identifying Science Gaps for Risk Assessment of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Food. Recognizing the importance of measurement systems in PFAS risk assessment, the first session focused on analytical methods and science gaps for detecting and quantifying PFAS in various foods and packaging materials. The second session addressed exposure routes into foods, including an overview of the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Service work on PFAS and recent toxicological studies by the Food and Drug Administration on bio-persistence and potential human effects of short-chain PFAS used as replacement for longer-chain bio-persistent PFAS. Expert presentations encompassed US regulatory, academic, industry, and non-profit perspectives and were followed by panel discussions.

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This work is supported by the IAFNS Food and Chemical Safety Committee and Food Packaging Safety & Sustainability Committee.