Journal of Nutrition. 2003;133 Suppl

Abstract: This series of papers evaluates what is known about the use of biomarkers in nutritional epidemiology. The authors focus on biomarkers that are considered to have current or emerging interest for chronic disease and methodologic research, and for which a substantial body of literature regarding their measurement in humans exists. Their attempt is not to be inclusive, but rather highlight areas where there is developing information. The articles are:

  • “Biomarkers of Nutritional Exposure and Nutritional Status: An Overview,” N Potischman and JL Freudenheim
  • “Biologic and Methodologic Issues for Nutritional Biomarkers,” N Potischman
  • “Methodologic and Statistical Considerations Regarding Use of Biomarkers if Nutritional Exposure in Epidemiology,” JR Marshall
  • “Laboratory Issues: Use of Nutritional Biomarkers,” HM Blanck, BA Bowman, GR Cooper, GL Myers, and DT Miller
  • “Markers of the Validity of Reported Energy Intake,” MBE Livingstone and AE Black
  • “Urine Nitrogen as a Biomarker for the Validation of Dietary Protein Intake,” SA Bingham
  • “Biomarkers of Fat and Fatty Acid Intake,” L Arab
  • “Antioxidant Nutrients and Chronic Disease: Use of Biomarkers of Exposure and Oxidative Stress Status in Epidemiologic Research,” ST Mayne
  • “Biomarkers of Nutrient Exposure and Status in One-Carbon (Methyl) Metabolism,” JB Mason
  • “Biomarkers of Trace Mineral Intake and Status,” M Hambidge
  • “Isolfavonoid and Lignan Phytoestrogens as Dietary Biomarkers,” JW Lampe
  • “Food Mutagens,” R Goldman and PG Shields

This special supplement is dedicated to the memory of Mark A. Bieber, PhD (d. 2001). Largely because of his leadership, commitment, and vision, this series of articles was initiated and completed.

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This work was supported by the IAFNS Technical Committee on Food Components for Health Promotion.