Rapidly evolving technological methods and mechanistic toxicological understanding have paved the way for new science-based approaches for the determination of chemical safety in support of advancing public health. Approaches including read-across, high-throughput screening, in silico models, and organ-on-a-chip technologies were addressed in a 2017 workshop focusing on how scientists can move effectively toward a vision for 21st century food safety assessments. The application of these alternative methods, the need for further development of standardized practices, and the interpretation and communication of results were addressed. Expert presentations encompassed regulatory, industry, and academic perspectives, and the workshop culminated in a panel discussion in which participants engaged experts about current issues pertaining to the application of alternative methods in toxicological testing for food safety assessments.

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These proceedings are from the 2017 workshop on State of the Science on Alternatives to Animal Testing and Integration of Testing Strategies for Food Safety Assessments.

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