Quantitative Modeling for Biomarker Assessment of Carbohydrate Metabolism

It is now appreciated that the many pathways leading to oncogenesis result in changes in cellular metabolism and the ability of the tumors environmental nutritional state to directly couple to its capacity for growth. One of the first molecularly defined differences between normal tissue and cancerous growth was the observations that the tumor tissue exhibited dramatically enhanced abilities to uptake and process glucose — the predominant macronutrient for growing cells. Our understanding of metabolism is challenged by the enormous complexity of the interaction between metabolic pathways and the genetic aberrations that alter these pathways. This project will utilize the application of computational methods rooted in systems biology in conjunction with the use of mass spectrometry—based metabolomics to understand mechanisms surrounding altered metabolism in cancer cells and primary tumors.

Institution: Cornell University
Principal Investigator: Jason Locasale, PhD
Amount Awarded: $30,000
Year Awarded: 2014

The IAFNS Future Leader Award, given annually to promising nutrition and food scientists, allows new investigators the opportunity to add to an existing project or to conduct exploratory research that might not receive funding from other sources or add to an existing project. Consideration is given to individuals proposing research in the areas of experimental nutrition, nutrition and toxicology, and nutrition and food science. Grants extend for a period of 2 years at a funding level of $15,000 USD per year. Funds may not be used for overhead or to support the investigator’s salary.

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