Recommending a quantified intake of flavan-3-ols promote heart health

Dietary bioactives are food substances that promote health but lack quantified intake recommendations because they are not characterized as essential to prevent well defined deficiency conditions.

This project translates evidence from a comprehensive systematic evidence review by Raman et al. using the AND guideline development process and applying a recently released (ASN endorsed) framework for developing recommended intakes of bioactive substances.

This project funds an expert review to determine whether evidence was of sufficient quality to develop a quantified recommended intake of flavan-3-ols to promote cardiovascular health and if so, issue the recommendation in the form of a quantified amount of flavan-3-ols.  The project is the culmination of grants provided by IANFS to support the evidence review, framework development, and finally the independent AND guideline development process and publication.

Institution: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Principal Investigator: Evidence Analysis Center (EAC) at AND
Amount: $45,771
Year Awarded: 2019

This project is supported by the IAFNS Bioactives Committee.