Spotlight on Cross-Sector Innovation

The pace of innovation warrants special attention and focus, and IAFNS Dec. 13-15 Science Innovation Showcase brings together representatives from academia, industry and government to leverage science for new solutions. Bringing together different sectors helps us converge on health, nutrition and sustainability ideas. The following speakers will present at the Showcase:

FDA’s Proposed Changes to the Definition of ‘Healthy’                                                                                  Claudine Kavanaugh, Vincent DeJesus, Sarah Gebauer (FDA)

Canada’s Front of Pack Labelling Regulations                                                                                                        Dino Covone (Health Canada)

Exploring What it Means to be Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)                                                                    Paul Hanlon (Abbott Nutrition), Alex Eapen (Cargill), Katie Overbey (FDA), Thomas Galligan (CSPI)

By having the public sector engage with the private and nonprofit sectors directly to address pressing research questions, society benefits. By connecting and collaborating with thought leaders, the creation of scientific knowledge can be catalyzed and information mobilized. To read more about our approach to innovation in nutrition and food safety, see IAFNS Op-Ed here. To learn more and register for IAFNS Science Innovation Showcase, click here.