This searchable database captures peer-reviewed literature on sodium reduction strategies - 280 papers! IAFNS' intent with sharing this on-line and interactive format is to highlight the science that is available and the tools that are effective in maintaining acceptable sensory qualities for various food industry applications.

As noted in the related Compendium Of Sodium Reduction Strategies In Foods publication, in response to health concerns generated by increased sodium intake, new approaches have been studied to reduce the sodium content in processed food. It has been suggested that reducing sodium in the food supply may be the most appropriate solution. IAFNS encourages users to enter information into any of the fields below and leverage the primary source materials - to continue to drive positive change in the food and beverage ecosystem.


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For more information on the criteria used to select papers for inclusion in this database, please refer to this reference or refer to the source article, Compendium Of Sodium Reduction Strategies In Foods publication.