Post-Doc and Student Researchers

2023 Summer Research Opportunity Fellow Pabasara Weerarathne

Surveyed and developed educational materials on scientific integrity in the food sector.

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2023 Summer Research Opportunity Fellow Stella Wang

Reviewed cognitive test applications for attention and memory. Read more about Stella’s experience at IAFNS.

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Introducing Matt Selby

Summer Research Opportunity Fellow - 2022

Matt communicated current dietary guidelines for fat intake to Nurse Practitioners.

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Introducing Ruben A. Chavez Viteri

   2022 IAFNS Research Assistant, Ruben Chavez, is working to elevate the impact of a bulk product sampling model to improve food safety plans.

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Edmund Benefo

   2021 Summer Research Opportunity Fellow, Edmund Benefo, shares with us his food safety project on toxic elements and how they are managed.

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Jennifer Oslund

2021 IAFNS Summer Research Opportunity Fellow, Jen Oslund, shares with us her project on protein sources.

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Salima Taylor

2021 Summer Research Assistant, Salima Taylor, shares with us her project on dietary patterns and fiber consumption preferences.

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Abby Steketee, MPH, PhD

IAFNS Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Abby Steketee, contributed to media and professional outreach on scientific publications.

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Zulfiqar Mohamedshah

Summer Research Assistant, Zulfiqar Mohamedshah, shares his perspectives and experience on various nutrition projects including polyphenols and DGAC reports.  

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