Sharing science! Advancing Science!

With the Science Innovation Showcase, we are promoting an open exchange of new ideas, new concepts, and new innovations. Through a science-first event, we are elevating the importance of data, research, and diligence in advancing science and applications.

  • See submitted abstracts here!
  • EVERYONE is invited to participate in this exchange of science related to innovative ingredients and products in the food and beverage ecosystem.
  • ALL attendees will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue and discussion on the data, the technology and science being applied across the food and beverage ecosystem.

Share your science!  The Science Innovation Showcase was held from December 13 - 15.  This exciting, virtual event brought together university, industry, non-profit and government experts to review, discuss, and advance innovations in the food and beverage ecosystem.

With the challenges of moving initial ideas on to the market, this science-first and science-focused dialogue included regulatory experts, innovators, nonprofit leaders and speakers from major corporations and emerging brands.