Washington, DC, USA
July 11, 2011

The IAFNS Food, Nutrition and Safety Program (FNSP) mid-year meeting combines presentations on topics of current interest with reports on the progress within the organization’s programs.

Featured Presentations

Science & Statistics: Paving the Road to a Data-informed Future
Thomas Louis, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Values, Trust and Science: Building Public Support in an Age of Radical Transparency and Unbridled Social Media
Charlie Arnot, Center for Food Integrity

Managing Conflicts of Interest and Promoting Successful Public/Private Partnerships in Food and Agricultural Research
Cathie Woteki, PhD, United States Department of Agriculture

Additional Initiatives and Topics Discussed

  • Fortification
  • Energy Balance and Active Lifestyle
  • Interesterified Fats
  • Food Microbiology
  • Food Value Decisions

Please contact Courtney Kelly with any questions at ckelly@iafnsconnect.wpengine.com.