By bringing together scientists from the public sector and the private sector – at all levels of the organization – we deliver science with impact. Together we can enable solutions that lead to positive change across the entire food and beverage ecosystem. Join us!

As a non-profit, scientific organization that catalyzes food and nutritional sciences in support of public health, the Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences adhere to a tri-partite operating model.

How Can I Participate?

All scientists, including health care providers, from all sectors, and at all stages of their careers, are encouraged to participate in our many webinars and events. Through out the year, IAFNS offers a range of opportunities and educational events for members and non-members to learn more about food safety and nutritional science. We welcome you to join our community!

How Can I Join and Support the Advancement of Science?

Public sector scientists from academia, research institutes and government agencies may be invited to join Scientific Committees. There are no direct costs for public sector scientists, although intellectual engagement and in-kind contributions are required.

  • If you are interested, please contact us at and indicate your program of interest and share your full contact details. New participation is coordinated via program management staff.

Private sector scientists (industry scientists) may join Scientific Committees if their employer is a Supporting Organization and is a member of the Scientific Committee.  When both the organizational membership dues are paid and the Scientific Committee assessments are paid, any number of scientists at that organization are eligible to participate.

  • If you are interested in joining a specific committee, please contact us at and indicate the committee of interest and share your full contact details. New participation is coordinated via program management staff.
  • If you are interested in becoming a Supporting Organization, please contact us at

What is Expected of Scientific Committee Members?

Scientific committee membership requires relevant expertise, active participation in meetings, and a commitment to providing intellectual input to the committee. Participants from the private sector must also be employed by a current IAFNS Supporting Organization that has paid the annual committee assessment.

Read more about our scientific committees here.

Who can be a Supporting Organization?
IAFNS is open to the food and beverage ecosystem as described in our Bylaws. Trade associations are not eligible to join IAFNS. Manufacturers or producers of tobacco products are also ineligible to join IAFNS.

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