At IAFNS, we know that addressing emerging science areas is important to advancing public health. With this open innovation portal, our Idea Portal, we encourage everyone to submit project proposals.

The Idea Portal is one of IAFNS’ collaborative approaches for identifying emerging science projects that catalyze science for the benefit of public health. In the spirit of our core values of scientific integrity, transparency, collaboration, and public benefit, this submission portal empowers individuals to contribute diverse perspectives related to food safety and nutrition research.

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What is the iafns idea portal?

IAFNS seeks your ideas for emerging scientific issues related to food safety and nutritional sciences. Specifically, IAFNS welcomes your ideas about collaborative projects that catalyze actionable science for the benefit of public health. Project proposals will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. See FAQs about proposing a project here.

This open call for project proposals is not a grant program, and no direct financial awards to external parties are guaranteed. However, selected ideas may receive funding or support from IAFNS. For example, selected ideas may be initiated through:

  • A public workshop or webinar,
  • An expert dialogue and review,
  • A scientific session, or,
  • A public Request For Proposals (RFP).

If there is a need for IP (patent or trade secret) protection, please contact us prior to submission at It may be possible to sign a non-disclosure agreement covering such information.

To access a planning form, click here.

Please contact us if you have comments or questions –