Tell more about the Scientific Leadership Council

The Scientific Leadership Council is guided by academic advisors, government liaisons, and at-large representatives of contributing companies. The Council plays an important role in defining scientific programming, evaluating emerging science proposals, and reviewing applications for internships and fellowships.

The Scientific Leadership Council leads the effort in organizing the Annual Meeting science program by identifying topic areas for approval by the Board of Trustees. The Council also serves to identify, coordinate and prioritize emerging science topics.  The selected emerging science topics may be addressed in a variety of ways, including a scientific session at the Annual meeting, a workshop or session at another organization’s science meeting, or by supporting the formation of a new committee or working group. Additionally, the Scientific Leadership Council reviews applications for select internship or fellowship opportunities.

Through the collaboration enabled, the Scientific Leadership Council provides the organization with key insights to respond with agility to food safety and nutritional sciences changes across the food and beverage ecosystem.

Committee Members

Amy Preston, The Hershey Company – co-Chair
Rickey Yada, University of British Columbia – co-Chair

Britt Burton-Freeman, Illinois Institute of Technology
Jessica Campbell, General Mills
Hongda Chen, USDA
Charles Czuprynksi, University of Wisconsin
Cindy Davis, US Department of Agriculture, ARS
Mario Ferruzzi, North Carolina State University
Paul Hanlon, Abbott
Jason Hlywka, The Kraft Heinz Company
Janice Johnson, Cargill
Sophia Kathariou, North Carolina State University
Anne Kennedy, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
David Kitts, University of British Columbia
Art Liang, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Benoit Lamarche, University of Laval
Isabelle Neiderer, Dairy Farmers of Canada
Kristie Reimers, Conagra Brands
Kelly Swanson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sam Sun, ADM
Carmen Tekwe, Indiana University
Casey Vanous, Herbalife
Hang Xiao, U Mass Amherst
William Yan, Health Canada