The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences is a catalyst for the creation of scientific knowledge and dialogue. Our work enables solutions that lead to positive change across the entire food and beverage ecosystem. 



The Bioactives Committee seeks to expand the quality of evidence linking health-promoting dietary components with health outcomes and advance translation into dietary guidance.


The Carbohydrates Committee addresses outstanding scientific issues related to how carbohydrate-rich foods, food components and formulations are associated with consumption behavior, diet quality and health outcomes.

Cognitive Health

IAFNS Working Group on Foods, Diets and Bioactives for Health Promotion has an initial focus area on cognitive health.


Dietary Lipids

The Committee on Dietary Lipids addresses emerging issues and trends associated with dietary fats and oils to inform evidence-based nutrition guidance and to improve human health.

Gut Microbiome

The Gut Microbiome Committee advances the science required to substantiate dietary modulation of the gut microbiome in ways that are conducive to health.

Low- and No-Calorie Sweeteners

The LNCS Committee seeks to develop and communicate the science related to how the consumption of LNCSs can contribute to overall health and wellness.


The Protein Committee looks to develop a framework to support future dietary protein recommendations, taking into consideration the shift in the balance of animal, plant and novel protein sources.


The IAFNS Sodium Committee supports collaboration among academic, industry and government scientists; and applied research on the connection between sodium and related nutrients, and health.


Food Safety


The Caffeine Committee promotes scientific evaluation of health and safety issues related to caffeine consumption and serves as a resource for reliable science on caffeine to support the advancement of public health.

Food and Chemical Safety

The Food and Chemical Safety Committee promotes a science-based determination of the chemical safety of foods to support the advancement of public health.

Food Microbiology

​The Committee on Food Microbiology is committed to proactively improving the understanding and control of microbial food safety hazards to enable scientifically informed decision making.

Food Packaging Safety & Sustainability

Expanding scientific knowledge on toxicology, exposure and risk assessment as it relates to the safety and sustainability of food packaging.

Scientific Integrity

Assembly on Scientific Integrity

Scientific Integrity is essential to developing sound science for the purpose of improving society.

Other Programs

Canadian Leadership Team

The Canadian Advisory Committee aims to enhance communication and collaboration between IAFNS and science programs and experts in Canada.

Scientific Leadership Council

The Scientific Leadership Council provides key insights to respond with agility to food safety and nutritional sciences changes across the food and beverage ecosystem.

A Partnership for Public Health

The goal of USDA Global Branded Food Products Database is to enhance public health by sharing nutrient and ingredient information on branded and private label foods.