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The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences catalyzes food safety and nutritional science for the benefit of public health. View projects* funded by IAFNS below.

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Translating Carbohydrate Quality Into Evidence-Based, Consumer-Relevant Approaches

Consumer confusion about carbohydrates can lead to restriction diets with low overall healthfulness. Ultimately, this project aims to help consumers select healthier choices among food sources of carbohydrates by merging the scientific evidence with consumer perspectives. NORC at the University […]

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Myths and Realities of Artificial Intelligence: Setting the Record Straight

Recorded December 5, 2023 Description: As the food & nutrition community starts to build a general understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its uses, this webinar address common myths and realities regarding AI. First, there are the subsets – machine, […]

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The Promise and Hype of AI: Where Are We – And Where Are We Going?

Recorded October 17, 2023 Description: ChatGPT seems to be everywhere. News outlets tout its promise yet also highlight its potential pitfalls. Yet despite questions around their responsible use, ChatGPT and other AI tools are currently being implemented from education to […]

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Food Safety in the Era of Alternative Proteins: Challenges and Solutions

Recorded August 23, 2023 Description: There is a growing interest and innovation in field of alternative proteins including both plant-based and cell-based products. As with any novel food technology, ensuring their safety is of the utmost importance for public health and […]

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Diet-Microbiome Interactions in Older People: Effect on Inflammaging

Recorded May 18, 2023 Description: “Inflammaging” describes the low-grade inflammation that arises from age-related changes to the immune system. Intersecting with age-related inflammation are age-related changes to the gut microbiome. These two systemic changes can modify disease risk, with that disease […]

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Can Diet Impact the Gut Microbiome to Support a ‘Healthy’ Immune Response? What We Know Today

Recorded January 11, 2023 Description: The gut microbiome has a role in “programming” the immune system – a significant component of which operates in the gut. It is also well-documented that diet has a notable impact on the gut microbiome […]

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Live Microbe Data and How to Submit to the Global Branded Food Products Database

Recorded February 27, 2023 Description: The partners for the USDA Global Branded Food Products Database have made it possible for food manufacturers to contribute to the Database information on live microbes creating the opportunity to advance new health research. This […]

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The Power of Storytelling in Scientific Communications

An understanding of the narrative arc in scientific contexts will assist in building storytelling techniques for scientists. As part of the 2023 Science Innovation Showcase, Andi Robinson (Hijinx Marketing/Butler University) reviewed the essence of storytelling in science including an exploration […]

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Guidance for reporting of test parameters in nutrition and cognition research

In many publications focused on the effects of nutrition on cognitive performance, reporting on both the intervention, and the cognitive performance test (including administration of the test) lacks the required detail to truly understand how the study was conducted, making […]

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Co-Designed Platform to Aid in Cognitive Test Selection for Research Studies: Understanding Stakeholder Needs

From cross-sector discussions and dietary guidance deliberations globally, it is evident that industry, government, and academic scientists find it challenging to navigate the scientific literature to identify valid and sensitive cognitive performance tests to address nutrition research questions. There is […]

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Food Safety Extension Workshop | McGill University & IAFNS

Recorded November 28, 2023 Description: The webinar is part of an extension program aimed at understanding and addressing multiple hazards and controls in food safety environments. The program featured scientists from two Canadian universities and three U.S. universities. This video is the […]

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Request for Pre-Proposals for ADME/Toxicology on Erythritol

The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) scientific organization that pools funding from industry collaborators and advances science through the in-kind and financial contributions from public and private sector participants. The IAFNS […]

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*Projects from 2013 and later are included in this repository. To view projects supported by IAFNS prior to 2013, please visit our Peer-Reviewed Publications page.