Projects Funded by IAFNS

The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences catalyzes food safety and nutritional science for the benefit of public health. View projects* funded by IAFNS below.

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Forging an Understanding of the Double-Edged Iron Sword and Immunity

Upon infection, the host and pathogen compete to acquire, utilize and store essential iron. The goal of this project is to understand how iron nutrition contributes to infectious disease pathogenesis and clinical outcomes. This information can be utilized to determine […]

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Evaluation of Food-Relevant Chemicals in ToxCast Phase II

The IAFNS Food and Chemical Safety Committee invests in the training and education of future scientists and leaders in the fields of food and chemical safety and food toxicology by supporting a Summer Fellowship Program for doctoral students. This project […]

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*Projects from 2013 and later are included in this repository. To view projects supported by IAFNS prior to 2013, please visit our Peer-Reviewed Publications page.