Nutrition-Toxicity Interactions in Daphnia pulex: Developing an Alternative Model Organism for Early Life Exposures

As a well-known eco-toxicological model organism, Daphnia pulex may also offer advantages in human health research for assessing long-term effects of early life exposures to coupled stressors. This study will serve as a proof-of-concept for the use of Daphnia pulex as a screening model organism for long-term effects of exposure to multiple stressors in early life.

Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Principal Investigator: Julia Gohlke, PhD
Year Awarded: 2013

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The IAFNS Future Leader Award, given annually to promising nutrition and food scientists, allows new investigators the opportunity to add to an existing project or to conduct exploratory research that might not receive funding from other sources or add to an existing project. Consideration is given to individuals proposing research in the areas of experimental nutrition, nutrition and toxicology, and nutrition and food science. Grants extend for a period of 2 years at a funding level of $15,000 USD per year. Funds may not be used for overhead or to support the investigator’s salary.

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