The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences is a non-profit organization that catalyzes science for the benefit of public health.  

We bring together scientists from government, academia, and industry to drive, fund, and lead actionable food safety and nutrition research in support of public health.

Our collaborative and inclusive tripartite structure empowers members to bring forward diverse perspectives.



Heavy Metals

IAFNS connects and collaborates with FDA, USDA and other stakeholders to reduce and mitigate heavy metals (toxic elements) in foods and ingredients.


With heightened concerns about sodium intake and the limited impact of public health campaigns, strategies for reducing sodium in the nation’s food supply are increasingly important.


IAFNS and the Institute of Food Technologists collaborated to explore how food product developers can formulate using fibers that deliver human health benefits.

Recycling – Byproducts In Packaging

It is important to consider the potential health and environmental impacts of non-intentionally added compounds that find their way into recycling streams.

Cognitive Health

Optimizing nutrition can maintain and possibly even enhance cognitive functions known to be affected by aging, such as memory and processing speed.

Food Microbiology

IAFNS-supported research on powdered products safety checks shows that some methods are more powerful at catching contaminants than others.

By bringing together scientists from the public sector and the private sector – at all levels of the organization – we deliver science with impact. Together we can enable solutions that lead to positive change across the entire food and beverage ecosystem. Join us!

IAFNS is a 501(c)(3) organization that catalyzes the creation of scientific knowledge. We receive the majority of our funding from companies in different industries. And, we rely upon financial and in-kind support from the public and private sector to fulfill our mission. 

Learn how IAFNS embeds Scientific Integrity into every step of our research process.