With heightened concerns about sodium intake and the limited impact of public health campaigns, strategies for reducing sodium in the nation’s food supply are increasingly important.

IAFNS’ Sodium Reduction Science & Strategies Database captures nearly 400 peer-reviewed papers on sodium reduction and is updated annually. IAFNS makes the database freely available to serve as a public resource to food scientists and other key stakeholders as the public health focus on sodium in the diet continues.

Greater than 97 percent of Americans consume sodium in quantities above limits set for their age and gender. And sodium has been flagged for decades as a nutrient of public health concern for overconsumption. But the functional roles of sodium in baking, preserving, thickening, curing and retaining moisture, all complicate reduction strategies.

The database now has expanded search options beyond sodium reduction methods offering search by type of paper including review papers and experimental science. Also added is a button to “Download Data” which gives users the ability to save custom searches.

The updates to the database come as IAFNS held a special seven-part Sodium in the Food Supply Webinar Series in early 2024 followed by an Expert Dialogue. IAFNS new database compiles evidence-based strategies for sodium reduction organized by specific categories relevant to the food sector. To access and search the database follow this link: https://iafns.org/sodium-database/.