Co-Designed Platform to Aid in Cognitive Test Selection for Research Studies: Understanding Stakeholder Needs

From cross-sector discussions and dietary guidance deliberations globally, it is evident that industry, government, and academic scientists find it challenging to navigate the scientific literature to identify valid and sensitive cognitive performance tests to address nutrition research questions. There is a clear opportunity to facilitate decision-making concerning cognitive test selection – for nutrition studies and other purposes.

A user-friendly resource is needed by which interested parties can enter their specific requirements (e.g., population, cognitive domain of interest) and retrieve information about reliable, valid, and sensitive tests, or alternatively enter a test name, and retrieve information about what is being measured by the test, suitable populations, and nutrients / food / diets to which the test may be sensitive.

This work will: (1) support evidence-based dietary guidance by promoting the ability to synthesize literature; (2) improve the efficiency of research spending; and (3) impact commerce and the economy by providing the technology and services needed to enhance the cost-effective development of food products that benefit cognitive health.

Institution: Swansea University

Principal Investigator: Hayley Young, PhD

Year: 2024

This work was supported by the IAFNS Cognitive Health Committee.