6th Annual Food for Health Workshop - International Partnerships to Align Health Agendas and Research
Ottawa, Canada
May 5, 2016

The 2016 Food for Health Workshop builds on a series of workshops to enhance the health of Canadians by better understanding the challenges and opportunities across the continuum from the producer to processor, manufacturer, retailer, researcher, healthcare professional, government to consumer. The 2016 workshop specifically builds on last year’s Knowledge Translation in Public Private Partnerships (PPP) workshop and how PPP can be effective for knowledge creation and translation. This year we will examine how international PPP spanning multiple countries and sectors can (1) align food, nutrition and agriculture research agendas, (2) encourage greater collaboration in research on the impact of diet and lifestyle on health and its connection with agriculture, and (3) support a culture of international collaborations and alignment in support of the Food for Health agenda and translation of that research. Join us for a thorough examination of the issues and how to take knowledge to action and education as shared by opinion leaders, industry and non-governmental agencies.


Welcome, Introduction & Background
David Ma, CNS

JPI Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life – aligning national research programmes in food, nutrition and health
Dr. Pamela Byrne, Food Safety Authority of Ireland & Joint Program Initiative HDHL

The Food Biomarker Alliance, a JPI-HDHL research project
Dr. Edith Feskens, University of Wageningen & Joint Program Initiative HDHL

Building partnerships in food, nutrition and agriculture
Dr. Barbara Schneeman, United States Agency for International Development

Meeting Global Food Security Challenges
Dr. Catherine Woteki, United States Department of Agriculture

Public – Private Partnerships: Fostering more sustainable food safety and nutrition risk management approaches
Dr. Samuel Godefroy, University Laval

Partnering and Guiding in Health Claim Substantiation
Dr. Denis Petitclerc, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Guided Panel Discussion and Next Steps in International Partnerships in Food for Health
Closing Remarks