EPA Webinar
Durham, NC, USA
September 22, 2016
11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Video of this presentation is available on YouTube.

Dr. Agnes Karmaus (IAFNS 2012 Summer Fellow) has been invited to present at EPA’s Computational Toxicology Communities of Practice webinar series on the food-relevant chemicals in ToxCast. This work was supported by the IAFNS Technical Committee on Food and Chemical Safety.Dr. Karmaus will present the findings from the work on, “Evaluation of food-relevant chemicals in the ToxCast high-throughput screening program” and follow-up projects on, “Curation of food-relevant chemicals in ToxCast” in this webinar. This presentation will capture all the work that has been done on this topic to-date.

Thousands of chemicals are directly added to or come in contact with food, many of which have undergone little to no toxicological evaluation. In this month’s CompTox Communities of Practice webinar, Agnes Karmaus will discuss recently published research, which evaluated the landscape of the food-relevant chemical universe using cheminformatics, and subsequently assessed the bioactivity of food-relevant chemicals across the publicly available ToxCast high-throughput screening program.Where: In person at EPA’s Research Triangle Park Conference Room D-101 or


For more information, visit the EPA’s Computational Toxicology Communities of Practice webpage.