IAFNS Expert Dialogue on Sodium Reduction and Public Health
Washington, DC
March 14, 2024
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The IAFNS Sodium in Foods & Health Implications Committee is hosting an Expert Dialogue on sodium’s role in the food supply and opportunities to update current public health strategies for sodium reduction.

  • The objective of this dialogue is to identify the additional research, technology, investment, education and collaboration necessary to further advance public health related to sodium.
  • More information on the Expert Dialogue is available here.

The Expert Dialogue follows a public webinar series on sodium that was held January 22-31. The recordings can be found here: Sodium in the Food Supply Webinar Series. These free webinars provide information on new research and tools for addressing sodium in the diet. The webinar series covered food formulation, sodium reduction technologies, industry progress, taste and consumer research, food safety and quality, and emerging science on sodium substitutes like potassium. This information served as the starting point for the Expert Dialogue.

Attendees included representatives from government, industry and academic researchers.

For more information about this invitation-only event, please contact science@iafns.org.