Nutrition Reviews. 2001;59(Pt 2):S1-S39

Abstract: This supplement addresses the question as to what “energy” means to the scientific community, the consumer public, the policymakers, and attempt to identify the scientific foundation for energy claims. A series of articles explores the scientific basis and evidence for linking food components to physical and mental energy.

  • Introduction: Priscilla Clarkson, PhD
  • Consumer perceptions of energy: Nancy Childs, PhD
  • Psychology and cultural aspects of energy: Louis Grivetti, PhD
  • Physical energy: Fuel metabolism: Jack Wilmore, PhD
  • Fatigue of anemia: E. Randy Eichner, MD, FACSM
  • The impact of the supply of glucose to the brain on mood and memory: David Benton, PhD
  • Diet, neurochemicals, and mental energy: John Fernstrom, PhD
  • Dieting and weight loss: The energy perspective: John Foreyt, PhD
  • Sleep and circadian rhythms: Basic and clinical findings: James Wyatt, PhD
  • Stress, fatigue, and behavioral energy: David Dinges, PhD
  • Energy for a new millenium—regulatory perspectives: Elizabeth Yetley, PhD
  • Energy for a new millenium: Anne Maher
  • Energy claims in the 21st century: Martin Hahn, Esq
  • Summary: Priscilla Clarkson, PhD

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This work was supported by the IAFNS Committee on Energy.