The goal of this project is to collate, summarize, and publish measures or indicators of ‘gut health’ that are currently applied across domains ranging from academia to healthcare, to inform the characterization of, as well as research and interventions to support, a healthy state.

The audience for this work includes researchers looking to investigate the impacts of foods or ingredients on the gut, the R&D segments of food or supplement companies looking to develop products beneficial to gut health, and healthcare practitioners looking to better understand what ‘gut health’ means and how it is measured.

The committee envisions a systematic approach to collection and review of publicly available information to include accepted medical practices and policies, peer-reviewed literature, and qualitative measures or scales related to gut symptomology or gut function.

The final product will be a peer-reviewed publication, the results of which can be communicated through other platforms such as webinars or scientific meetings.

To view the full Request for Proposals, click here.

Pre-proposals are due on Midnight, April 19, 2024.