Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Harmonizing Authoritative Statements for Practitioners
Indianapolis, USA
October 20, 2020
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

The Academy’s FNCE conference features a variety of sessions on science, dietary guidelines and emerging evidence. This year’s conference will feature the following session organized by IAFNS’s Low-Calorie Sweeteners Committee:

Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Harmonizing Authoritative Statements for Practitioners

In 2019, several authoritative documents that include scientific reviews and resulting recommendations related to low-calorie sweeteners (LCS) and their use were released. These documents include reports and perspectives from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, and Health Canada. The conclusions of each group differ slightly, likely due to the approaches applied in assembly and evaluation of evidence. Understanding the basis for recommendations is important for clarity around how to relay messages in nutrition practice. In this session, several example statements, the applied methodologies, final recommendations, and implications for research and dietary guidance will be reviewed and compared. An overview of approaches in example reports will be followed by an external academic perspective on the evidence evaluations. The session will conclude with a panel discussion during which speakers will share perspectives on the strengths, limitations, and challenges of evidence review for specific dietary components and populations, and possibilities for further strengthening evidence-based authoritative recommendations related to LCS use in the diet.

Learning Objectives

1. Analyze evidence review methodologies applied by various authoritative groups that issued 2019.

recommendations for low-calorie sweetener use, and describe how and why methods and outcomes might differ.

2. Apply the understanding of the complexities related to evaluating the literature relevant to low-calorie sweeteners and the elements of research that are critical to a strong evidence base.

3. Articulate the key research gaps in the area of low-calorie sweetener use and effects of consumption.

Moderator: Richard Mattes, PhD, RD, Purdue University

The American Academy of Pediatrics 2019 Statement on the Use of Nonnutritive Sweeteners: Approach and Recommendations

Carissa Baker-Smith, MD, MS, MPH, Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children

The 2020 American Diabetes Association Medical Nutrition Therapy: Focus on Low-Calorie Sweetener Recommendations

Shamera Robinson, MPH, RD, the American Diabetes Association

Recent Authoritative Evidence Reviews and Recommendations Related to the Use of Low- or No-Calorie Sweeteners in the Diet: Academic Perspective

John Sievenpiper, MD, PhD, University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital

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