Mapping of Scientific Integrity Work in the United States Leads to a Set of Principles
Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 29, 2017
12:45 pm – 3:45 pm
Vrije Universiteit

Objective: Scientific integrity is fundamental to the mission and work of IAFNS, which follows a tripartite model involving industry, government and academic scientists. This presentation will provide an overview of the expansive range of activities on scientific integrity in the United States among five sectors. Based on these programs, a synthesized set of principles on scientific integrity was developed by a consortium of organizations. This presentation will outline key steps that must be integrated into all phases of scientific research to uphold scientific integrity.

Presented by: Alison Kretser, MS, RD, IAFNS
Co-author: Delia Murphy
Poster#: PM-040
Poster Area:Poster Walk – Research Culture 1
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This work is supported by the IAFNS Assembly on Scientific Integrity.

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