As research continues to move us closer to what may be characteristics of a “healthy gut microbiome”, research methods also continue to advance. Still, there are fundamental principles and techniques that are quite commonly applied and which appear consistently in the literature. For non-experts, understanding these basic terms and techniques is useful when reviewing both landmark literature, and newer science.

IAFNS has an extensive library of webinars focused on gut microbiome and nutrition science. Among these webinars is a subset of presentations targeted to individuals interested in reviewing the basics. These are free and open to all. To highlight:

  • Back to Basics: Terms and methods in the Gut Microbiome Space, March 16, 2022. Click here.
  • Crash Course on Design and Interpretation of Gut Microbiome Research, July 21, 2022. Click here.
  • Quantitative Microbiome Profiling, March 3, 2021. Click here.

IAFNS plans to continue and build these webinar resources as the science advances!  Join us!