Two new publications can help food makers add fiber acceptable to consumers. A recent scientific paper by fiber experts Drs. Mysonhimer and Holscher recaps gastrointestinal effects linked with different fiber types. When making fiber-rich foods, the goal is to secure health benefits but do so without digestive side effects like bloating. In order to anchor decisions in consumer acceptance, fiber researchers should measure both objective and subjective reports of any gastrointestinal effects like bloating, the authors say. Reinforcing those recommendations, Dr. Holscher and another set of fiber experts presenting at a recent IAFNS-organized Vahouny Fiber Conference proposed and later published a call for measuring consumer tolerance to nondigestible carbohydrates. The details in the second paper provide essential tools for carrying out fiber research. When adopted, these methods will aid in making fiber-rich foods by allowing comparisons of different fiber types.