International Journal of Toxicology. 2010;29:402-410

Abstract: As reports on the safety of various nanomaterials have yielded conflicting results, assessment of the reliability of each study is required to objectively interpret overall safety of the nanomaterial. A 2-step method to assess the quality of nanotoxicity studies is described. The first step uses a publicly available tool to rank the reliability of the study based on adequacy of design and documentation of methods, materials, and results, providing a ‘‘study score.’’ The second step determines the completeness of physicochemical characterization of the nanomaterial/nanomaterials assessed within the study, providing a ‘‘nanomaterial score.’’ This approach is encouraged to promote the notion that for studies conducted with nanomaterials, the combination of a reliable study and sufficient nanomaterial characterization is of significantly greater value than either of these alone. It is anticipated that the use and evolution of this approach will assist with the design and interpretation of studies assessing nanomaterial toxicity.

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This work was supported by the IAFNS Committee on Food and Chemical Safety.