Nutrition Reviews. 2012;70:S105–S110

Abstract: To investigate the fluid intake and knowledge on water and health in Chinese adults, and to provide a scientific basis for the development of adequate water intake values for people in China. A total of 1,483 adults aged 18-60 years were selected from four provincial capital cities using a multiple-stage random sampling method. The information on the amounts and types of daily fluid intake was collected using a 24-h fluid intake record for 7 consecutive days. Trained interviewers used a questionnaire to assess knowledge on water. The median of daily total fluid intake was 1,488 mL, with a wide range from 86 mL to 7,036 mL. Significant differences were found for fluid intake among the four cities. The medians of daily intakes of plain water, tea, and beverages were 786 mL, 109 mL, and 186 mL, respectively. Approximately 32% of the subjects drank less water than the amount recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society (1,200 mL/day) and 71.6% of participants lacked knowledge of these recommendations. Moreover, 48.3% of them drank water only when they felt thirsty.

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This work was supported by the IAFNS Committee on Hydration and was also supported in part by educational grants from the Coca-Cola Company, Danone, Dr.Pepper Snapple Group, Nestle Waters, and PepsiCo.