Journal of Nutrition. 2012;142(6):1170S-1172S

Summary: A number of interesting issues have thus emerged from the workshop related to LCS use in humans. There were no issues raised regarding the basic safety of LCS. The issues raised included the need to learn about the potential impact of LCS use on the development of nutrient perception and sensing in infants, children, and adolescents and their impact on the development of healthy dietary habits. It is important to assess if and how LCS use in children influences these developing processes. In addition, there is too little information at present regarding the impact of LCS use on overall nutrient balance in the diet, and additional information would be highly desirable. The hope was expressed that researchers could begin to learn why individuals choose to use LCS or products containing them, because few data are presently available on this topic. We hope that these proceedings will stimulate renewed interest in examining these and related issues and lead to a better understanding of how LCS can productively be used as a part of a healthful diet and lifestyle to optimize long-term health.

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This work was supported by the IAFNS Committee on Low-Calorie Sweeteners.