Scientific integrity is critical as a foundation of trustworthy scientific research. As human health research is often under a microscope, maintaining standards of ethical research conduct preserves public confidence in food safety and nutrition science. However, while some training programs require an introductory ethics course, they are often not directly related to the food and nutrition field.

Through the IAFNS Summer Research Fellowship Opportunity (SROF) program, PhD student Pabasara Weerarathne of Oklahoma State University developed a series of training videos − by students for students − that addresses issues that young scholars are likely to face during their research career. The video series entitled “Food for Thought: A Student’s Guide to Food and Nutrition Research Integrity” covers emerging topics such as data management, sharing, and research ethics explored from the perspective of food and nutrition research.

This series of short, training videos includes case studies in food and nutrition research that boost knowledge of issues surrounding research and improve the student’s ability to make responsible decisions and communicate appropriately when faced with dilemmas.

The videos can be found on the IAFNS’ YouTube channel. These are the first in a series of videos that will be released on the topic over the coming months.

View training videos: