American Society for Nutrition Annual Meeting
Virtual, USA
June 7, 2021 – June 10, 2021

Food Biome to Human Biome: Beyond Nutrients

A collaboration with the ASN Nutritional Microbiology Research Interest Section


Gut microbiota is intertwined with host metabolism, immune function, and psychological state. Foods we consume are one of the main drivers to shift microbiota profile and functionalities. Thus, data in the literature have been mainly focusing on elucidating complex relationships between host, gut microbiota, and unabsorbed nutrients. Nevertheless, microbes residing on or in foods are anticipated to have an impact on the gut microbiota profile and functionalities. For example, the health benefits of bacteria and related metabolites in fermented foods, e.g. yogurt, cheese or kimchi have been reported. Fresh produce can present another source of direct human exposure to microbes. Thus, microbes of non-fermented foods should be included in the paradigm of gut microbiota, foods, and host health. In this symposium, experts will discuss the microbes of food sources, gut microbiota, and health implications. The goal of understanding the food biome is to help define healthy, functional gut microbiota.



Oliver Chen, PhD, Biofortis

Hannah Holscher, PhD RD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne and RIS Chair



The impact of environmental sources of bacteria on the gut microbiome

• Paul Cotter, PhD, Teagsc

The bridge between microbes from food and probiotics and the human gut microbiome

• Danilo Ercolini, PhD, University of Naples, Frederico II

Health benefits of consuming bacteria-containing foods

• Maria Marco, PhD, University of California, Davis


This event is supported by the IAFNS Gut Microbiome Committee.

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